Furninha Cave

Globular Vase - Neolithic Pottery

The Furninha Cave , located on the southern coast of the peninsula of Peniche , is a natural cavity occupied during pre-historic times. It is the most important pre-historic site in the county.T
oday located by the ocean, this cave was occupied between the Middle Palaeolithic and Late Chalcolithic. It was excavated in 1880 by an amateur, Joaquim Nery Delgado.
Used as a shelter and a necropolis, this pre-historic site has produced a large number of artefacts, namely hominoid bone remains of both Neanderthal and modern types; remains of local fauna of the Quaternary Period (fish and mammals); rock utensils (stone-flasks, arrow heads, axes…); bone utensils; several pieces of Neolithic pottery (the famous suspended vases of Furninha Cave).
These pieces are spread throughout various museums, including The Municipal Museum of Peniche.


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