Peniche lies on a peninsula with a perimeter of approximately 6 miles, and Cabo Carvoeiro constitutes the western part of it. The coastline is shaped by majestic reefs and magnificent bath beaches of great extension, stretching over the ocean in a constant display of astonishing effects that amaze the visitors’ eyes.Off Peniche, we can find the Berlenga Archipelago, if we look over the Atlantic Ocean, at the western part.

Population: 27 312 inhabitants.
Area: 10.8 square miles
Main economic fields:
Primary Sector – Fishing and Agriculture
Secondary Sector – Food Transformation
Tertiary Sector – Tourism and Services

Since ancient times, the Peniche Municipality has had its territory occupied by populations which, by exploring the available natural resources, found in fishing and agriculture the main economic activities.

Its geomorphologic specificity, oscillating between insular / peninsular, seems to have shaped and stipulated, from a cultural-social-economic point of view, the populations that occupied this territory throughout the centuries, simultaneously allowing the PenicheMunicipality to be a place of important historical events, national and international.

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Peniche Tourist Information Center
Rua Alexandre Herculano
2520-273 Peniche


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