The PenicheMunicipality and the adjacent sea line has been, mainly in the last decade, a stage to uncountable investigation projects in the archaeological field, works through which the long History of this territory and of its people has been slowly reconstituted.

Nowadays, Archaeology provides us with the opportunity to acknowledge the portrait of a territory which assumed a position of joint in Roman times, in the context of commercial navigation among regions, receiving on its anchorages and eventual harbouring structures, vessels, some of huge tonnage (as it seems to be proved at Berlenga by the discovery of two lead stocks of anchor with about 8’1” ft and 8’6” and 932.6 and 930.4 pounds, respectively), transporting amphorae containing products such as wine from Andalucía, or Lusitanian canned fish.

The integration of this territory into the wide commercial network has surely contributed to the implementation of a factory which produced fish preparations, supported by an early oil complex situated in Morraçal da Ajuda, producing essentially amphorae destined to transport its canned production, fact that perpetuates the memory of a fishing and industrial activity which these days, even after two millennia, continues to rule the social-economical life of people in Peniche.


Late-medieval Ceramic jars in the ambit of the work to expand the Fishing Harbor


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