In this sheer territory, Nature seems to have shaped an experience sealed with a dichotomy between marine and fishing, associated to the exploration, transformation and trading of sea resources, predominant in Peniche, and an eminently agricultural world, in the countryside of the Municipality, where the farm work in the land instituted habits and practices.

In Peniche’s Ethnography people teach traditions, practices and habits associated to the fishing routine work and industries adjacent to the tillage of fields or trimming lace. The memory of tragic shipwrecks, the rooted popular religiosity or the abundant gastronomy equally establish important traces of a people that projects in future generations the heritage of a long collective past.

Therefore, travelling over the Peniche municipality means going on a delightful trip through History, traditions and habits of a people indelibly shaped by the omnipresent sea and by the gracious fertility of greenish agricultural plans.

Fish-basket Apparatus – Craftwork Fishing

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