Peniche Bobbin Lace is widely considered the ex-libris of the area’s crafts, an essential reference in cultural heritage and an asset of substantial relevance, recognized both in Portugal and abroad.

Peniche Bobbin Lace very possibly dates back to more than four centuries ago and the making of bobbin lace was an art passed from generation to generation. Peniche Bobbin Lace grew a reputation abroad from the mid-nineteenth century onwards, winning numerous awards and honours in international fairs.

Today, Peniche Bobbin Lace represents a renowned cultural heritage, which combines new applications and old patterns in a centuries-old handicraft.

Multiple initiatives aim at promoting Peniche Bobbin Lace, such as the inauguration of the monument to lace makers, the Mostra Internacional de Renda de Bilros de Peniche [International Peniche Bobbin Lace Show] and the creation of creative synergies for the innovation and use of bobbin lace.

Integrated in the district council’s museum network, Peniche’s Bobbin Lace Museum opened in July 2016 and is dedicated to the study, conservation, enhancement and dissemination of this important Pencihe cultural heritage in its material and immaterial aspects.

Bobbin Lace is undoubtedly part of the cultural heritage of Peniche’s people – a Living Heritage, which is proof of the identity, memories and secular traditions of the area.

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Peniche's Bobbin Lace Museum


Phone: 262 789 571 | Fax: 262 789 571


Peniche Tourist Information Center
Rua Alexandre Herculano
2520-273 Peniche


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